Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Well, Hello There!

On the eve of the upcoming year of 2019, we are resurrecting the family blog.  Sojo is not too interested in being the main focus (this was kind of her baby book for many years), but we are having so many fun adventures in our new European lives in Prague that it feels time to jump back in to share some of the fun with friends and family.

It's just a bit awkward to get it started since we have been here for almost six months. But, one of the things I absolutely love about people moving to new countries is seeing apartments, so that is a good place to start.

A major highlight of living in Prague thus far for us is our choice to live downtown. In all our years overseas, we have never lived in the cool or hip area but instead have lived close to school. After looking at various areas, we left this apartment decision to Sojo this time around as Dale and I were happy anywhere, and Sojo liked the idea of being downtown. Now that our lives are filled with corner stores and pizza shops, breakfast places and farmers markets, we are so very happy to have made that choice. We truly feel like we are having a European experience.

Our apartment is a little haven of beauty. We have a terrace overlooking the city that changes every hour of the day and is so very pretty.

Sweet sunrise 

And our coffee drinking/wine drinking/chatting area that gets a lot of use.

The commute from our place to school is about 40 minutes door to door, but it's not bad at all. And, truth be told, we feel kinda cool and Euro using public transportation.

Sojo has a groovy room with a platform that she loves.

So crazy and so House Hunters International, but our washing machine is in the kitchen, and most of Europe doesn't use dryers. I fully admit this was my biggest challenge when we got here, but I think I have it down now. I used to do the week's laundry all day on the weekend, but now I do a small load every other evening and dry it on the rack overnight. Towels dried on the rack were terribly scratchy and crunchy when I was using the ones we brought from the U.S.; however, once I bought towels here, there is no problem at all. And, it certainly does feel good using less energy.

What else? We love the downsizing that we did to get here. It feels really good to be down to the items that we need and love with not much extra.

Most of all, we love the view. Now that it's winter, the sunset and sunrise are easier to see from our window. Such an overall feeling of gratitude to live in such a beautiful place is a constant for all three of us.