Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Soaking Up the Desert

As per Sojo's request, we are trying to get out in the desert a few more times before we leave this area of the world. This time, we decided to ask some friends who have never been in the desert (this tends to be a teacher or full-on North American thing to go exploring) to join us to share the beauty and adventure.

And, adventure it certainly was.

Starting with the camels blocking the road to the dunes. As we have to really go fast to get over the loose sand, we could not take the chance of gunning it with potential camels in the way. It left us no choice but to get out and check out the camels. Dale was mingling among them for a while, and they are very curious creatures.

This one was massive! And way too close to me--made me nervous. But, that smile and the sun rays were awesome. 

After we finally arrived (one person stuck at the start, which slowed us down), the dune jumping fun began. Sojo absolutely loved showing her friends how to do it, and I took a million photos of the teenagers to put on Instagram, which was really cute. 

One of our friends decided to leave early, but he wound up getting really, really stuck. Now, getting stuck is all part of the desert adventure, but this was not adventurous. He had three small, squirrely kids in the back. All the guys went to help him try to get out while the ladies stayed with the kids. At this point, the kids were begging to stay for the sunset, which was not at all our plan. 

Needless to say, we were there for the sunset. Again, so many photos of the kids in the sunset, and then we started to walk to the stuck cars before it became dark. The thing about the desert is when it becomes dark, it is like a light switch being turned off, and I certainly didn't want us all separated. 

Even though the guys spent the majority of their day digging out cars, it was a blast for the kids of all ages. And, the families who had never been before had a wonderful time.

Now to squeeze in a few more desert trips before the true heat arrives.

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