Friday, December 01, 2017

The Next Chapter

The choice we made years ago was to explore the world and understand as much of it as we can. As Sojo will enter middle school next year, we knew it was a good time to transition as a family to a new country. We had no idea what was going to happen, only that it was a good time to go. Our only requirements for a new school were that it was dynamic and creative and felt like a place that would feel all our souls. If that match didn't happen, our plan was to take a year off together in Mexico. Pretty good plan B that allowed for us to take the leap and quit our jobs before we knew what was coming our way.

But, as often does in life when we leave the doors wide open for possibility, an amazing opportunity came our way. We are moving to Prague, Czech Republic next school year. It's a place that resonates with us on many levels: the school is visionary and creative and committed to changing education, the country is lovely and beautiful, and the jobs for me and Dale could not be more perfect. I will be the elementary librarian and Dale has been given the job of various music electives, which is downright dreamy.

Of course, as parents, we were worried about Sojo and the transition, but we have been talking about moving for over a year now, so it's slowly seeped in. She loved Prague when we visited (think swords, forging on the street, loads of trinkets to buy and street bread), and she is very excited about the chance to be somewhere bigger. She is a different kind of soul who marches to the beat of her own drum--a beautiful thing in many ways, but sometimes hard to find your people. She is hoping to find more people like her and to explore the myriad of sports and activities the school offers.

Until then, we'll soak up the not-too-cold desert winter, camp a bit more, and enjoy small town living until a bigger city comes our way.