Friday, November 17, 2017

The Memory Box

Sojo came across an old bathrobe she had Dale make for her stuffed roasted chicken (oh, roasted chicken! Such an old favorite of hers!), and that took us on this beautiful trip down memory lane filled with laughing about her quirkiness and remembering loads of funny stories from when she was younger.

She then decided we should go through all the memory box to check things out as it's been a while. I love, love, love this memory box and searched for years to find the perfect Chinese box. It has the clothes she wore on the day we became a family and tons of her writing from over the years. Plus, random stuff like "round pillow" and "square pillow" and Cowboy Chicken. As a parent, I adore how she knows exactly when she is ready to put something in the memory box and why it should go there.

And, more than anything, I am so very glad we kept so much of her writing through the years. She fully considers herself a writer and loves looking through her evolution of craft in different grades. From the hilarious drawings and invented stories when she was three to the voice and depth of her later years, we love looking back.

She is so big in this picture. And so big in real life. More and more, Dale and I find ourselves having deeper conversations about life and decisions and politics and people. So beautiful.