Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Harry Potter Birthday

As Harry Potter fever is rampant in this house, we went with an HP theme this year. Actually, we've rarely had a theme. Ok, maybe we had a theme once in second grade. In fact, we are very simple when it comes to birthdays, and we're all fine with that. Last year, I offered to make a Minecraft cake for Sojo's birthday sleepover, and she said (with no snarkiness at all), "Um, don't start being a fancy mama now. I'm fine with my normal cake."

But, fancy mama I was for this birthday (and fancy baba as well). Many have asked about how we put together the party, so I felt it was worthy of a blog post of HP goodness. This was my first foray into Pinterest-land, and it was a blast for everyone. Two hours from start to finish, which is my kind of party.

Ok, down to the good stuff:

1. Platform entry. Easy-cheesy and super fun.

2. Polyjuice potion! The kids went crazy over this one, and I had to make two batches. Our town actually had sherbet, which is a rarity, so I also went crazy over this one. Just a clear bowl, sherbet (lime, if possible, but I used rainbow and no one cared), Sprite to make it fizzy and neon green food coloring.

3. Butterbeer! Warm a bit of apple juice and butterscotch syrup (more juice than syrup, but you want it to be butterscotchy tasting. I found tiny mugs and used those as it's a bit rich of a concoction. Add about 1/3 of the warmed syrupy stuff and then put ginger beer on top. Add a smidge of whipped cream. Not everyone liked this, but one girl had three mugs full!

4. Hermione's beaded bag. This one was Sojo's idea, and it was brilliant. She is fascinated with Hermione's beaded bag in the book that holds everything (tents, framed portraits, the workds!) but looks just like a regular bag. I had buy-one-get-one-free bag from Claire's, so we put a slit in the bottom, attached it to a table and put the game prizes in there. So much fun!

5. Pottermore quiz! Since all the kids were older, we had computers set up with the Pottermore quiz when they came in. Everyone took the test and then put their name on the banners we had up on the wall. We did tell them that if you got the house you didn't want, you could change, but everyone was excited. I had written all the positive qualities of the houses on the banners.

6. Horcrux Scavenger Hunt! I found this one online and tweaked it to make it easier (we were down to the last minute on this one before guests arrived). I hid seven items around the house and they worked together to find them. A huge success, even though it was pretty easy for older kids.

7. The Wand Ceremony! This was by far my favorite part of the day, and it was our grand finale. We had purchased white helium balloons and Sojo drew owl faces on them. Ahead of the party, we had ordered handmade wands to give as gifts and had them shipped to Saudi (although the DIY ones looks fun to make at a party). We wrapped them in the morning, and Sojo wrote a small note about why the wand had chosen that person. She listed three positive qualities about the person on the note, which was very sweet. At the very end, Dale went upstairs on the landing and "sent down an owl" with the wand attached to the balloon for weight. Sojo then read the card about why the wand chose the person and presented it. The kids were giddy!

Overall, we had an absolute blast, and I'm kinda sold on being the fancy mama.

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