Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Assembly Love

Sojo's fifth grade class hosted our first assembly of the year, and it was so sweet seeing her on stage. She even chose to wear her fancy blazer (also known as her single piece of clothing that is remotely fancy).

Our art teacher and counselor collaborated on a video of the class that was so profound that I could not help the tears pouring down my face. 

The kids were working on self-portraits and did what is called a blind drawing, where they each had a blindfold and drew their portrait without seeing. In addition, they studied the techniques for doing a quality self-portrait. Our amazingly wonderful counselor then met with all of them and talked about how they viewed themselves physically and as people. The two teachers worked together to create a black-and-white video with a photo series of each kid with their quotation about himself or herself. When I saw Sojo's, it made my heart burst. To know that a child can look in the mirror and know that she is who she wants to be is something that is amazing at any age. 

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