Tuesday, October 10, 2017


As a pre-celebration, we spent a weekend away in Bahrain with a friend (and his family) who shares a birthday that is close to Sojo's for what we called the Birthday Extravaganza! Breakfast at IHOP (ramen for Sojo as that is her perfect breakfast), and a stay at a cool hotel with a small water park inside. The weather is just starting to turn from crazy hot to mildly hot, so it was glorious.

And, for her actual day, she asked me to make a chocolate chip cookie cake, which I had never done. So many mama things I have never done! But, it turned out great. I then went to the cabinet to get the super cute candles I bought this summer in the US where they have everything. Hmmmm...somehow I could only find one of the number 1 candles I bought. We had a laugh about it.

Dale and I are so proud to be her parents and watch her grow. Her sense of who she is and what is important to her is so solid at such a young age, and she does not waver. Here are a few loves from this moment in time:

She loves ramen and building Bionicles and chillaxing.
She wears what she wants and not what is in fashion.
She is great at basketball but loves all sports.
Her favorite subject is PE.
She just weeks ago started picking up books on her own and is obsessed with Harry Potter.
She is a bit sassy, but just a bit. She refers to herself as witty, which really says it all. Such a fine line between wit and sass.

She is a cool kid.

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