Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Euro Road Trip, part one

Our Eid vacation came very early this year. So early, in fact, that we only had 12 days of school before a ten-day break. Not too shabby, so we headed off on a European road trip that was nothing short of spectacular.

First off, we rented a car in Geneva and drove to Italy in only a bit more than two hours. I chose a somewhat random town called Aosta in the Aosta Valley--mostly because it looked cute and wasn't too far away. We wanted to include Italy in the vaca since we have never been, and it did not disappoint. Beautiful views, pizza that was incredible and a trip to the Italian Alps.

Nothing like a playground at the top of the world

Next, we toodled off to Lausanne, Switzerland where a dear friend of ours is living and working. Lausanne was so, so beautiful and right on Lake Geneva (or Lac Leman like the cool kids say).

Catching up with Aimee was incredible, and we got to meet her husband as well. We soaked up together time.

This was our splurge hotel room that offered us a perfect view of the lake. Needless to say, Dale and I spent much of our time gazing out the window.

Guitar + wine + a lake view = perfection!

One more fun adventure whilst in Lausanne was taking a boat to the other side of the lake to Evian, France. Yes, the Evian of water fame. That would be country #3 in about as many days. We all love the ease of Europe, and Sojo claims that the playgrounds are a kid's dream. Part two tomorrow!

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