Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cousin Time

Sojo's favorite part of any summer is cousin time. We were not able to see her cousin Jake this summer, but we had tons of time with her other two cousins. They even did three camps together: basketball, Ninja Warrior camp and the most beautiful Forest camp.

During forest camp week, we dropped the kids off in a field just outside of town, and they headed off into the woods for five hours of fun. We heard stories about campfires, climbing trees, learning games and general old-fashioned kid fun. They came home dirty each day, and that was awesome.

The grand finale was in the woods. We trekked into one of their areas in the woods, but there was no one in sight. Noises erupted in the forest, and out came the kids. They put on the coolest obstacle course show for us, complete with tricks and drumming.

Sojo's final vote for the best camp was the Ninja Warrior one, but my vote went for the forest camp. Either way, it was good to have so much cousin time.

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