Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This fabulous girl is turning ten today. Her idea for a birthday party this year was to have three girlfriends over for a sleepover--three crazy friends, as she put it. On the menu was roast beef, make-your-own-pizza and roasted broccoli. We dragged mattresses downstairs and made a huge sleeping area, which was adorable to see them all chatting into the night on their beds.

Cake-wise, she cracked me up. I thought maybe I'd branch out a bit and make some sort of creative cake like a Minecraft or Terraria one, but when I asked her, she replied (with a deadpan face, I might add), "Um...mama, you've never been a fancy mama before. Why start now? Just make a cake." Well, all right then, definitely makes my life easier.

That is one of my many favorite things about this girl--she is so darn easy to please. She needs very little and definitely isn't looking for a Pinterest mama. Thank goodness.

Ten. Wow.

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