Sunday, October 16, 2016

Out into the Desert

Sojo often tries to drive Dale crazy by talking about how she much prefers the "brown, brown desert of Saudi" to the glorious forests of the PNW. And drive him crazy she does. Whether it's because she has spent most of her memory years here in Saudi or she's just cheeky, the desert does it for her.

As the weather is starting to cool off a bit, we headed out for our first camping night. I love how in Saudi, anything under 95 is considered cooling off, but the nights are downright glorious right now. I wasn't really prepared for the chilly night and didn't bring enough clothes for Sojo or me.

Since our camping trip was also our staff social, there were a gaggle of kids up and down the dune for hours. Even the next morning, I awoke to giggles and voices in the dunes, and, when I came out of the tent, I saw a bunch of them running at the top of the dune having a blast.

Sojo loves to dune jump (and also loves to forget to change her clothes when she gets home so all that sand generally goes right into her bedroom and bed), and I took a bunch of series shots to get the full picture of jumping.

Whilst I love dune jumping as well, I love coffee even more. My luxury coffeemaker makes every grownup happy on the camping trip. Propane-powered goodness right there.

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Cathleen Cherry said...

Looks so fun! And I covet that coffee maker. WOW. :D