Monday, September 26, 2016

Discovering a New Part of Bahrain

Whenever we need a weekend away, we tend to head to Bahrain, but we are so routine that we normally stay at the hotel attached to the mall. It's easy: there are movies, shopping, and great wine at the hotel lounge. This time, however, we branched out and headed all the way to the tip of Bahrain to a new hotel for us, the Art Rotana. And it was gorgeous! A huge fountain that did a musical display much like that of Dubai, four pools, the beautiful Gulf right there, and a lot of kid waterpark fun.

Here's the swanky marina right next door and a part of the heart pool. Those yachts are just parked there. Also, way in the back of the photo are the "new" islands they are making. This is fascinating to see machines take sand from the bottom of the ocean and create new islands from them. Much of Bahrain is made like this.

The best part of the weekend, other than Sojo going with friends this time and having a blast running around, was that we rented a jet ski for the first time ever. We've always wanted to do this, but it's never come to fruition until this weekend. The water was amazing blue, and we got there early before all the crazy drivers came out to play on the jet skis. Sojo was kind enough to share some of her time with me so I could also get my first ride.

The weekend felt like a real getaway, and we can't wait to go back.