Saturday, March 26, 2016

Strong Girls

Being a strong female is very important in our household, and we talk about it often. I remember when we first moved here and Sojo was in kindergarten, we would watch one of the high school girls ride her skateboard down the street to school. All three of us loved it, and this girl was one that Dale and I considered such a good example of a strong, beautiful girl who was so comfortable with herself at 15. 

Cut to a few years later, and I now teach that girl's sister, who is now 15 herself, and she sometimes rides to school as well. She is yet another girl who is strong, intelligent and confident: all the qualities we wish for our own daughter. 

Of course, being a strong girl is more than riding a skateboard, but it was quite beautiful (and quite full circle) watching Sojo practice on her new skateboard last weekend. As with all things requiring balance, she picked it up crazy fast, and she was ready to board to school this week.

I walked behind her, marveling at how she is such a strong young person: so confident in who she is as a person and what she has to offer to the world around her.

On another note about her confidence, she is currently working on a unit in school about persuasive speeches. They are calling it Soapbox for Change, and her two topics she is going to present on are "The Power of Adoption" and "Gender Roles." Wow.