Sunday, January 24, 2016

Chat Time

I love when Sojo rides her bike next to me when I walk to school. It's literally a six-minute walk, but it always seems like a quality chat time for us. Truth is, I like it even better when she walks with me because she holds my hand. I never, ever tire of her grabbing my hand.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Cham with the Fam

Lucky us to have had my entire side of the family gather in the uber-quaint village of Chamonix, France for a bit of holiday fun. We rented a chalet that was divine: a wall of windows looking out at a hanging glacier and the Alps right at our fingertips, a beautiful rock fireplace that was well-used on the chilly nights, and simply being in one place for the impromptu family time of card games and fireside chats.

There was no real snow to be had (that is, until two hours after we left the village--bad luck!), but we still had a good time riding a mountain rollercoaster, walking around town, and, of course, partaking of the baguettes, sausages, cheese and wine of France. This is a country I could go back to again and again.

Can't forget about Sojo's love of doing parkour (outdoor climbing/jumping) around the world! Made  even better with sparkly legwarmers my mom brought her.