Thursday, October 15, 2015

Swim Card

For months now, Sojo and her friend Eamon have wanted to take their official swim test at the community pool. Passing the test would give them the chance to be a bit more independent and would not require that an adult is physically in the water with them. Dale and I are not ready to send her off by herself to the pool quite yet, but getting the swim card was still a big deal and both were pretty nervous about the test.

Thankfully, they both rocked it. The trickiest part was the treading water, so the dads both jumped in and did it with them for moral support. As a mama, I was totally impressed with their strength and perseverance. 

The final part of the test was an interview with the lifeguards where they had to answer safety questions. 

You know you're living in a small town when all the lifeguards erupt in applause for the kiddos when they finished. They all call her Jojo instead of Sojo, so that was even sweeter to hear cheers for Jojo. 

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Popo and Gong Gong said...

Yeah! Hip, Hip, Hurrah for both of them! So proud of them. Now they can jump in and play without their parents. You get to sit with one eye on them and the other talking with a friend.

Love, Popo