Friday, October 09, 2015

Golden Birthday

Nine on the 9th. Her golden birthday. This year, she chose a small gathering of two friends to spend the night rather than a big shindig, which was fine by us. I asked if she wanted any games or activities, and she said she just wanted to play and be with the girls. It's extra special because both girls don't often get to have sleepovers, so we were happy to have it all come together.*

My only job was to get the food ready: steak, homemade pizza and a last minute realization that our little cafe down the road sells Shirley Temples, her favorite summer discovery. All three girls had a blast at what they called the banquet. As Sojo said, "I've never had a banquet before." 

After dinner, they danced and giggled and had a great time. Every now and then, Dale and I would peek in and then gush to each other about what a beautiful soul she is. So, so fortunate. 

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Popo and Gong Gong said...

Ok, so this Popo has a few tears wanting to find their way down her cheeks. She is so grown up. Sad that we missed this milestone birthday, but so happy that she had such a fun time with her friends. A sweet. Maybe we will get to celebrate with her next year.