Saturday, August 29, 2015

Skagway Adventures

Our first port of call on the cruise was Skagway, Alaska. The town is tiny, even by Alaska standards, with about 860 people living there. We booked an excursion to go on the White Pass railway, taking us on a beautiful train ride up the mountains into B.C. It was stunning, but Sojo didn't really have any thoughts about it at all.

She slept the entire train ride, as per usual with trains and boats and her. The terrain was this sparsely beautiful tundra, and the town of Skagway was just what I pictured an Alaskan town to be. My love for Alaskan wilderness was growing by the second. 

We were so fortunate to have sunny days during our entire trip, and Skagway was no exception. 


Popo and Gong Gong said...

That girl cracks me up how she sleeps during any "mode of transportation" with a "tour" involved. She misses it, but is quite content with what she missed. LOL

Anonymous said...

I took some photos of the actual trail that the gold seekers walked. Thanks to everyone for doing this as it was on my bucket list.