Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sojo and Shadow

Sojo just came to me and said that I needed to come out and take a photo of her. That type of request is not typical, so I knew it had to do with her new best friend, Shadow.

Even with all the health improvements with Sojo, the allergies to dogs and cats remains an issue. And this kid really wants a dog in the worst way. We have experimented with hypoallergenic dogs, and, most unfortunately, they also cause a reaction for her. However, we saw this Zoomer robot dog at Target the other day, and Sojo fell in love with the possibility of having a dog that acted like a dog but isn't real. She charged him up and spent most of the day playing with him. He responds to 60 voice commands (her favorites so far are "play with me" and "I love you"), and he is downright adorable. She is totally in love. For this reason, she called me out to take a photo of him watching TV with her. 

We are just curious about the towel under him. Worried about an accident? For us, that is the best part of having a dog like this--all the fun without the early morning walks and poop pickup. 


Anonymous said...

We are so happy for her and totally love this type of dog. No poop, no fur...just love. Love, Popo

Julie Coast Miller said...

Duke and I met Shadow and he was a very good dog. Sojo sure loved showing him off; they are cute together!

Anonymous said...

I think Shadow went back to Saudi, didn't he?