Friday, July 03, 2015


We are in the midst of Ramadan here in Saudi, a time where everything moves at a slower pace, and it is against the law to even eat or drink in public. As a non-Muslim, we go about our days almost the same, but I think frequently of the many imported workers who are in the 117 degree heat with no food or water all day. It is definitely humbling.

Last night, our dear, dear Malaysian friends invited a bunch of us to an Iftar meal--our first official Iftar (breaking of the fast) meal in our time here. Dale and I decided to go all-in and fast yesterday. While we didn't officially do the 3:00 breakfast before the sun comes up, we ate our own normal breakfast and fasted from food for the rest of the day. Seems simple enough.

Let me just say that deprivation is not something I do well with. I was a wee bit worried.

Whenever I got hungry yesterday, I reminded myself about one of the reasons people fast during Ramadan--to remind themselves that there are many people in this world that go hungry each and every day. That knowledge made fasting easier.

Right at 6:38 p.m, the evening prayer time, everyone ate a date and had a glass of water, which is the way to end the fast each night. Then, we ate ourselves silly with so much food. The custom is dessert first (woo hoo!), then the main course, then dessert again. Needless to say, we were stuffed.

These two beauties always make me smile. They adore each other, and Sojo wore her Malaysian outfit to the Iftar as it is the only somewhat fancy thing she owns. It is actually pajamas in Malaysia, but she wore it as a dress, so her friend went and put on her pajamas as well.

Nights like last night are an incredible gift. 


Unknown said...

After watching my friends and colleagues work and fast during Ramadan, wow - I have such respect for them! So cool that you guys took part. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Interesting experience