Monday, July 27, 2015

Dude Ranch and Ten Years

We celebrated our ten-year anniversary this past week, and my brother hooked us up with a night at a fabulous dude ranch here in Tucson. It was absolutely stunning and nestled right into the mountains. The casita itself was exactly what Dale and I would love to live in--small but not too small and with tons of Mexican touches to it.

Our M.O. is that we rarely give each other gifts, and we are both totally fine with that. Actually, it makes life easier in general, and if we find something cool during the year for each other, we buy it at the moment. However, I was walking around the casita and noticed a sign by the window about how to draw the curtains. I then noticed what looked like another sign on a ledge, and I went over to see it. Then, I saw Chama Linda, which is what Dale calls me (means pretty friend in Spanish, and we've used it for years--I call him Chamo Lindo). What on Earth!? It was our vows in a frame, which was incredibly sweet as we made three promises to each other ten years ago. Looking around, I saw tons of frames all over the room (sneaky guy put them up while I was in the shower), and our vows were translated into every language from all the countries we have lived in. He enlisted help from friends all over, and it was the best gift I could ask for. Those three promises were written slightly on the fly the morning of our wedding, but we meant them and still live those vows today. I couldn't ask for anything more.

I promise to be your true companion wherever our journeys take us.
I promise to continue supporting your growth as an individual and to trust in this leap of faith.
Above all else, I promise to be your friend and, as such, to treat you with respect, kindness and love. 


Anonymous said...

Sweet love...

How time flies when you are having fun.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories!