Friday, June 26, 2015

The Day Santa Died

Our 8 year anniversary of being a family also coincided with Sojo finding out that Santa wasn't real, so we will always remember 'the day Santa died.' A middle schooler had told Sojo that the tooth fairy was not real, and so she asked us at bedtime if this was true. Dale and I both knew we were most likely on our last year of belief with Sojo, and we decided to tell her the truth because she had flat-out asked. The tooth fairy being us was a surprise, but not a huge deal. However, of course, that led to the "What about Santa? Is he real?" question.

So, we told her.
And her heart broke.
And so did ours.

Even thought it was almost a month ago that we told her, every now and then, she'll just get this dejected look on her face and say, "There's no Santa." This is a kid who lives in the magic of life, and so this was a doozy for her.

Just to make it up to her, I might need to pick up this ridiculous, 3 foot long gummy worm she saw online and was begging me to buy for her. At first, I said absolutely no way (it is truly so gross!), but it might make a perfect Santa gift this year.