Tuesday, May 19, 2015

On Modesty

When we lived in Asia, it was very common to have kids running around in those bodysuit kind of swimming wear, and I loved how it protected her from the sun in super hot Bangkok. Her pink Angry Bird suit was her very favorite then, and she wore it until it was completely stretched out. I myself love the stripy, summery one-piece suits that remind me of my own childhood and look downright adorable on kids. I usually picked one up at Target each trip home to have on hand overseas, but she rarely wore them after the age of 3. 

As Sojo is growing older, she is more and more modest and is totally opposed to one-piece swimming suits. There was once a huge kerfuffle on a weekend trip when a one-piece was her only option, and she felt strongly that certain body parts were HANGING OUT for all the world to see. We had to convince her that nothing was hanging out, but she felt so uncomfortable that we had her go online with us afterwards to find a bathing suit that she felt more at home in. She chose a rash guard and boy shorts, and we thought we had found a solution of what was good for her comfort level. 

However, wouldn't you know that the boy shorts are pretty darn short and, again, parts are hanging out that she doesn't want hanging out. We lived with it this year as it was better than it was, but she still wasn't totally at ease. 

Then, we went to Bahrain a few weeks ago, and we saw a sport store with the very modest swimwear that is found here in the Middle East. The longer, to-the-knee shorts were perfect for her, and she was thrilled to give them a go at a recent Water Fun day on our compound. Watching her run around with such ease, and with absolutely nothing hanging out, was so wonderful to see as a mom. 

And she looks downright beautiful. 

Monday, May 04, 2015


Two ponytails and this type of outfit bring me back to my own childhood, and I couldn't resist taking a photo in front of our school. 

And the shorts. Those little legs sticking out of them are adorable. Dale and I both still can't believe that she is healthy enough to actually wear shorts. For years, with her eczema so horrible, shorts were out of the question as that much exposed skin would be too tempting to scratch to pieces. We are so happy for her that she now leads a more comfortable life, complete with wearing shorts. 

Almost done with 2nd grade, this girl. So exciting and beautiful to watch her growing up. She is such a compassionate person, and we are proud to be her parents.