Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Being Adopted, part 1

Sojo's class is in charge of this month's assembly at school, and the theme is cross-cultural citizenship. Our counselor told me later that she was chatting with the 2nd graders, getting them to tell stories about their own experiences of living abroad. She then asked if anyone would like to share a story on stage about their experiences, and Sojo raised her hand and said she wanted to talk about being adopted.

Um...ok? Surprising (in the very best of ways) as she usually is hesitant to talk about being adopted. Sometimes she'll ask a question or two, and she knows many details of her story; however, for many years she has done much to avoid the subject overall.  That being said, in the last few months, we have noticed there is a new depth to her questions and observations. After writing an essay of sorts about her experience, she brought it home to practice. Sitting at the dinner table listening to her, it was extremely hard to not cry as her beauty and innocence and goodness shines through. Most of all, the speech lets us know that she is in a good place with being adopted, and that is what we always hope for.

Today is the day of her performance. And not to have her speech overshadow all the other coolness that is her, she and a small group of friends have worked tirelessly on creating an amazing Minecraft community that will be showcased as the backdrop of the show.

She's made me promise not to cry (hello, empty promise!! I cry at everything, and how on earth could I not cry when this sweet girl talks about the kindness of her first mama who didn't want her to suffer?), but the tears will be of joy, not sadness.  We are both forever grateful that she came into our lives, and she fits so perfectly. Also grateful that she and I both embrace such a funky style--the above photo was just a regular day, and we both look so crazy! Crazy fabulous, that is.

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Popo and Gong Gong said...

Love you both...crazy and all. What a precious family. And yes, your family fits one another like a beautiful,well worn and expensive leather glove.