Sunday, February 15, 2015

Off the Beaten Track in Bahrain

Bahrain is our family getaway place. About 3 hours from us, it is where we head for movies and malls, PF Changs and IHOP, abaya-free shopping and adult beverages. We normally have a routine of heading to the mall and staying at a hotel in the mall. This time, however, we ventured out about 30 minutes past the main area of town to a hotel right on the water. And the water is the most crystal blue ever, and that color against sand apprehends me every single time.

We still hit the mall and movies, but we headed out to our new hotel around 3 p.m, in time for some afternoon beverages and a beautiful, albeit chilly, sunset view. Gilgamesh, Sojo's favorite friend, is in her arms enjoying the sunset as well.

Dale and I realized that in every country we have lived in, we have had a place. Our place. Meaning a place to go to that felt like us, where they knew us and we could go if we needed a break. The thing is, we hadn't found that place in Saudi. Staying at a hotel in the mall is convenient, but it isn't the same as a balcony overlooking the water and an awesome buffet breakfast the next morning. So, we seem to have found our place here, and that feels good. 

Since we were off the beaten track already, we decided to search for a pottery village called A'Ain. I can't really say it was a village as it was one small area with a shop, but the whole entire process of mountains of clay to making the pots to the kilns were there, so it was interesting. Sojo thought it was awesome, and the potters invited her to join them at the wheel right away. Definitely a interesting weekend for us all, and we are already thinking of when to go next. 

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