Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Moment

So often, I find myself awash in gratitude for my beautiful family. Today, as we walked to school after lunch, I snapped this shot. Seemingly ordinary, it is in fact teeming with all sorts of things pertaining to this very moment in time. 

*Leggings with athletic shorts over top. This new look is so funky as she randomly chooses everything, and somehow it all goes together. She can even pull off leopard leggings and neon orange shorts.

*Wearing the same shirt she slept in last night

*Carrying 3 spring rolls and sweet chili sauce to give to a friend who was envious of her snack the other day. On a side note, I have become a spring roll queen and have it down to a science. This is making my family incredibly happy.

*Dale happily carrying Gilgamesh, Sojo's favorite stuffed animal, as well as her security blanket, Angry Bird T-shirt, that is now sewn to Gilgamesh so they don't lose each other. There is something going on of late in regards to security that is making her want to bring him to school every day. He stays in her backpack once we get there, but still...we are trying to figure out if it's a phase or something is bugging her.

*I love walking to and from school, and the weather is starting to warm up (bummer!), so it's easier to convince Sojo to walk when it's not 'freezing.'

The small details of the windows of time are things I love to remember. A whole lot of cherishing going on.

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Popo and Gong Gong said...

It is good to cherish those moments. They are so fleeting and so precious. And, she will love these stories into her days as a little old lady, knowing how cherished she was.