Friday, January 16, 2015


Although we do love to stay here in the desert over the winter break, it is nice to have a few days of 'the real world,' which usually includes movies, no abaya wearing, and wine. Since Dubai is fairly close, we decided to head there for a few days of fun. We loved seeing the Burj Khalifa from our hotel and from about everywhere else, and we saw tons of movies (some even twice!). Add in Cheesecake Factory and the Rainforest Cafe, and it was a dose of all the finer things that we need living in a small town and a conservative country.

The highlight for Sojo was the trip to Ski Dubai. A veritable winter wonderland inside a mall, complete with snow, skiing and a chairlift, tubing, luges and 2 degree weather. We were given snowsuits upon arrival, and Sojo and I got a ski lesson as part of our package. The whole thing was crazy fun, at least until the crowds descended on us around noon. It was so comical to be throwing snowballs while looking out the glass windows to see people shopping right to the left of you. Once we could not bear the crowds, we headed to the Cheesecake Factory that also had big glass windows to view everyone having fun.

At the end of the day, we really are small town people at heart. Mind you, small town people who lived in sprawling Asian cities for 10 years, but this is truly what we love. Albeit, with a getaway every now and then. 


Jim Cook said...

Tara and Dale,

Thanks for your nice comment on our blog "Jim and Carole's Mexico Adventure". This is a lovely place to visit or to live. The best part is the great year-round climate. My guess is that you would not be visiting Dubai in summer?

Best regards, jJim Cook

Popo and Gong Gong said...

This is so crazy. Big city, bright lights and snow. Crazy fun times.