Thursday, October 09, 2014


There is a chance I have said this on prior birthdays, but this one feels like a biggie to Sojo. She was incredibly excited while leading up to her special day, and she kept asking us if we had already bought a present. She was convinced we had not bought anything. Little did she know that the two of us were building her a see-saw that she had been asking about---extra green points for using all wood that had come on a recent shipment container to our school!

The see-saw making was happening in the garage, and my parents were on the lookout to make sure she didn't come in. All was well until later in the evening when she barged in looking for something, well after our lookout time had passed. Oops! She decided to help us finish the project, which made it even cooler that all three of us helped build it. However, I could tell she was hoping to be surprised this year for some reason.

We were able to surprise her after all with a few Lego sets. She has shown zero interest in the small Legos until just recently. Her daycare at school has some, and she and her friends are totally into it now. She couldn't believe when she got her very own to use at home. So glad she had the surprise she was craving. Even more glad that this special girl is growing into such a beautiful person.

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Popo and Gong Gong said...

Birthday love. How I love it when we get to share in her special day.