Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ninja Warrior

Over the summer, Dale's sister told us about the show called "American Ninja Warrior." We wound up catching it on TV one night, and the little ones just loved it. Literally, Sojo was pacing around the room with nervous energy and excitement. Since the show is all about physical challenges and obstacle courses, it feels like a great role model show, and we are all basically addicted to watching it.

And then she realized that our house could become a practice place, since she wants to join the competition when she turns 21. Hence, the spider climb in the hallway.

And balance practice on the couch arms.

She and her best friend even do the spider climb together sometimes. Love the determination. Not as big a fan of the dirty walls. 

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Amy said...

Tara! We are crazy about American Ninja too! We love it and our always trying to set up obstacles in the mat room and house that are like the ones we see on the show. Happy climbing, Sojo!