Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2nd Grade Duds

Before time goes by too much, I wanted to post Sojo's first day of 2nd grade photo. We stocked up on our yearly supply of shirts and leggings this summer, and there were lots of choices for the first day. Wearing shorts is totally new for her, so wearing one of her funky new pairs was a must. She then chose her ancient Angry Bird t-shirt that she actually sleeps with each night (she gently rubs it on her lips, and it's adorable) as her blanket. I mentioned that maybe she should choose a shirt that fit better, but she insisted that this particular one made her feel "fuzzy" all day long, and she needed that on the first day.

I get that feeling. You gotta feel good on your first day, even if you are wearing what is basically your security blanket.