Sunday, August 17, 2014


Another of our favorite summer activities was riding BMX bikes. Technically, it was probably just regular bike riding, but Sojo's cousin recently started racing BMX bikes, so he always brought his with him when he visited. And, let's be honest, it sounds cooler to say BMX riding. The area by the docks was perfect for weaving in and out of the poles, and we even headed to the local skate park to give that a whirl. It was a tad freaky with all the big kids doing tricks when the little ones were there, but they held their own and already have plans to do it more next summer.

This summer solidified for us that we want to one day live somewhere and look out at the sea every single day. We just couldn't get enough of collecting rocks and driftwood and simply taking it all in. And walking on the beach with this sweet girl holding my hand was icing on my summer cake. 

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