Saturday, July 26, 2014

Daily Beach Trips

Our spectacular town of Port Townsend is a little thumb of land surrounded by freezing cold, but very pretty, water. We head to the beach at least once a day, and this summer, we have been branching out a bit rather than only hitting our favorites (mine is the beach right next to the best coffee shop in the world). Our new favorite is North Beach, which we have been to before, but not at low tide where it becomes this expansive beauty filled with tidepools.

I discovered the low tide surprise when I went for a walk the other morning. North Beach was my destination, and as I walked on the beach, I spotted this brilliant orange starfish in the distance. I carried it ever-so-gently in my hand for the two miles home, and it now sits beautifully on our mantle as a reminder of how much I love this place. I swear I walk over to look at it at least ten times a day.

I grabbed the whole family the next morning to show them what I discovered, and we all had a blast tidepooling. Dale spotted two huge otters munching away on something out on a rock, and it was amazing to see them so close. Sojo and her cousin were fascinated with the marine life and the perfect sand for building.

I'm amazed at the perfect juxtaposition of our life right now--the barren desert for most of the year and this peninsula teeming with life at every turn. Both move me in different ways. 

My favorite find of the morning were these tracks in the sand made by the water. They looked like perfect little spindly trees. Add a heart rock with algae, and it's perfect. 

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

I think those little marks in the sand are from sea worms.