Friday, June 13, 2014

Reading in 1st Grade

First grade has been a big leap in reading for Sojo. It happened so gradually in kindergarten, but first grade was full of fast leaps, and I am somewhat amazed at how well she can decode and understand. Happy, of course, as we all love reading. However, Sojo still hasn't reached the stage of wanting to sit down and read herself, even though she can. She adores being read to, but she sees reading herself as homework. I have to be careful not to place my own reading expectations on her, and I think when she finds something that really jazzes her, it might be the switch. Until then, we'll read to her and soak up all the goodness of that time in her life.

Her first grade teacher this year is so kind and wonderful, (think Mr. Rodgers-esque) and we are so grateful for his time with Sojo. He loves Roald Dahl and reads them the chapter books daily, so Sojo has developed a fierce love for his books. We are even heading to his museum outside of London this summer.

She begged us to get her the collection of books from the recent book order, and we agreed. Seems she knows we are suckers for books. They arrived yesterday, and we have already finished one book. We started last night and continued first thing this morning. I desperately wanted a cup of coffee but was not allowed to get up until we finished the book.  I get that. It's someone who really loves books.

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