Sunday, May 25, 2014

Modes of Transportation

Now that riding her bike is a piece of cake, she has added one more mode of transportation to her collection. We've been looking for a skateboard for a while, and this basic one we found at Carrefour is a great start. Our inspiration is a super cool middle school girl that we always see riding her skateboard to school.

Sojo is home sick with me today as she has an asthma cough that will not go away. Seems the perfect time to polish and wash the new board before heading off to the doctor.

I also love that this photo shows Sojo's affinity for sponges and brushes, and this love has been ongoing for years. She has a special place in the closet for her buckets and sponges, and she often takes them out to do some impromptu scrubbing of toys and such. 

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