Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sweet Switzerland

Our spring vacation was a journey to find snow, and so with Europe not too far away, we decided on Switzerland as the place to go. An added bonus is that we have lovely friends who live in Zurich, so we could spend some time with them as well. Dale's mom joined us for the trip, which made it extra wonderful. 

Shallow, perhaps, but I also LOVE that I finally convinced this leggings only girl that she needed some jeans for the trip. We went on a mission to find the world's most comfortable jeans and scored these funky ones. This whole look is so fabulously Euro. 

Zurich is this awesome city with so much outdoor space and nature. We read that Zurich's sister city is Kunming, China, which is Sojo's birth city, and that Kunming had donated a Chinese garden. After tons of walking (love a good walking city!), we found it, and it was the most beautifully perfect, tiny garden. It felt like being transported to China instantly, and I loved Sojo's pride in seeing that this beauty is from her country. Plus, we got to tell her the stories of how she LOVED the Chinese stone lions when she was a baby. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

End of the Season

As the end of the gorgeous winter season is leaving us, our staff headed out to the desert to have one last gathering of friends, food and dune jumping. As Sojo was just out of her cast, she was under strict orders not to jump, so instead she just rolled down the hill and proceeded to be covered with so much sand that it fell off her for days after.

My go-to selfie partner, Kate, was not there, so I convinced others to partake of the 'top-of-the-dune' photo sessions. 

And the camels. Always the camels. This photo does it no justice, but a long line of those beauties coming home at sunset takes my breath away each and every time. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bunny Teeth

After a string of teeth falling out left and right, Sojo had a dry spell. Then, just in the last few weeks, she lost both canines. The result is some very cute bunny teeth.