Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sprint Tri @ 45!

I've been wanting to do a sprint triathlon since I moved to Saudi last year. We have a very active and fabulous fitness group that is super supportive, so I knew that this would be the place to jump into this kind of challenge and feel great about however I finished. Mind you, the word 'sprint tri' sound like it's a triathlon but faster, but it's really a shorter distance of 500 meter swim, 20K bike ride and a 5K run. Shorter distance but still FAR!! But I was pumped, and I love the near rhyme of "sprint tri @ 45," so I knew this was the year to do it.

I trained enough to let myself know I could finish it, and it worked in my favor that swimming is my strongest of the three events since it gave me to confidence to get out of the pool fast and onto my slower events of biking and running. There was a guy taking photos with a really nice camera during the swim, and more than once, I came up for air to find the lens close enough to my face to feel like an Olympian. This is my favorite shot.

I finished the whole race in 1 hour and 40 minutes, which was incredible to me. Just incredible. And the concept of a sprint tri was so much fun that I can't wait until the next one. I even find myself thinking about it at random times now--wanting to improve my biking time (darn those hills for slowing me down!) and finding a way to have extra energy for the final run when I'm wiped out. 

I love becoming an athlete. 

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