Friday, March 21, 2014

Alice in Wonderland

Sojo tried out for the elementary play this year, and she got the part of 'baby pigeon.' Although going to practice during her normal play time was very challenging for her, she did it and was so amazing on stage. She was smiling the whole time and had memorized everyone's lines.

Just as fabulous as being in the play was the visit of popo and gong gong to see her in the play. Living overseas means that grandparents miss out on those little (big) things like plays and soccer practice and such, so we thought this would be a fabulous idea. And it was--it was a crazy week with play practice and school going on, and they didn't see much of Saudi, but we loved every second of having them here!

We were able to take them to Sojo's favorite country in the world, Bahrain, as they flew out of there. Not sure they understood fully why it is so fabulous as we spent the whole day in the mall, but they were good sports and followed Sojo along as she showed them all her favorite things. 

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