Friday, February 21, 2014

New Cast

Turns out having crutches and a cast is not really so fun for an active 7 year old. We've been harping on her not to walk on it, but it's near impossible. I did catch this cute photo the other morning while she was getting ready for school.

We then took the day off to head to the big camp to get the cast taken off. Unfortunately, what they thought was just a sprain is really a hairline fracture, so she is back in a new cast. But she has a boot and a cool fiberglass signing cast, so she is super happy. 

Kinda love a mid-week day off with her. Even if we had a 4 hour commute to get there. 

Friday, February 07, 2014


Oops! A trampoline incident landed us in the ER last night with a really swollen ankle. The doctor said it was such a bad sprain that we needed to have it immobilized in a cast. Sojo was a trooper, and our little town's ER is filled with kindness. I fear we are spoiled with no waiting and lots of time for good bedside manner here. Her cast was old school plaster--dipped into water and everything--and she has to keep it on for a week until we go back and see how it's doing. 

Although having crutches and being confined to the couch for 4 days is not super fun, the idea of no school, less baths and more movie time is a positive twist. 

The most hilarious part of it all is that her best friend broke his arm 5 days ago, and so the two of them are in casts together. They spent the first hour this morning talking about their injuries and what each of them cannot do. It's one of those things they will both remember forever. I love that. 

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Living with an Artist

Living with an artist means there are many, many piles of paper lying around the house, all in different stages of completion. And only Sojo knows whether or not they are keepers or can be thrown away. Every now and then, we go through the piles and put those she wants to keep on the wall of her bedroom. Dale spent a good portion of his afternoon taping them up on the last remaining wall space in her room, and now the entire place is covered in her own art that she has created in the last year.

It is so stunning and so her. No one else's stamp is on that room but her own--just the way she likes it.