Thursday, January 23, 2014


When we drive to the big city 2 hours away, we always pass these gorgeous jebels when we get to the halfway point.

Someone recently gave me a copy of the Boy Scout handbook to camping in Saudi Arabia dated 1985, and the jebels I admire from afar were in the book, and they are called Capistrano Wadi. My love for them increased with that cool name, and I organized a half day mini-adventure there with some friends. We thought we'd scope it out as a future camping spot.

The kids climbed and climbed and climbed, and it was beautiful. We met a few Saudis that were also hanging out in some of the wadi areas, but thankfully, we found a place just for us so the ladies in our group could hang out sans the abaya. 

Lots of other fun adventures in that Boy Scout handbook--an old camel caravan trail, walls of rock with mastodon bones embedded in them, and a place called The Edge of the World. Can't wait to explore more. 

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love the family picture Nie Nie