Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Christmas Vacation 2013

Somehow the whole Christmas season has come and gone here, and we are getting ready to go back to school in a few days. Sojo was as happy as could be with her Furby doll and Magic 8 Ball that Santa brought her. Our big surprise of the desert quad was met with a lukewarm reception, but once we get her out there with friends, I'm sure she'll be more excited. If not, Dale and I will ride it!

There was nothing but playdates and iPad time and sleepovers and good ol' kid fun for Sojo, and Dale and I caught up on work and found lots of time to relax.

Here are some highlights of the holiday season of 2013.

This is the Christmas tabletop. Complete with every snow globe Sojo owns (Easter one and a Bali beer one included), our favorite Kunming doll that used to sit on top of the tree but has now been moved to this area, and the homemade golden magazine tree that Sojo made last year. And my favorite bird lamp that brings me joy each and every day when I turn it on.

I couldn't get enough of the funkiness of this girl over the holidays. 

We left out carrots for Santa as Sojo feels very strongly that he needs to lay off the cookies a bit. This is something she has done for years now. Rice milk and veggies. Love it.

Here is the quad outside waiting for her. We wrapped up the helmet and told her to go outside for the real present. At this time, she was WAY too into the Furby doll to even notice the quad. 

Here's Furby again. For a girl who has never been too into the whole nurturing thing, she is one great mama to the Furbster. 

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