Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Best Country Ever!

Our only jaunt out of the kingdom over the break was to neighboring Bahrain, Sojo's favorite country in the world. It's a mere 3 hours away, and we stay in a hotel that is attached to a mall (this is a big Middle Eastern thing, I think) so everything we need is right at our doorstep. In Sojo's eyes, this makes it the best country ever.

With only 24 hours there, we had some serious shopping and eating to do. There is a place called Stickhouse that sells popsicles Sojo can eat, and our favorites are the watermelon ones. They taste like Thailand. On this trip, I think she had 6 of them. Yum!

Our hotel's lounge had this super swanky, silvery private pod to sit in while sipping on a well-deserved glass of wine and a big ol' glass of beer.

Recently, they opened a PF Chang's at the mall as well (it really is all there at your fingertips!), so we stopped there as well. Usually the thing to do in Bahrain is to see a movie or two (little known fact that movies are forbidden in Saudi), but Sojo had zero interest, so we skipped it this time. 

According to Sojo, Bahrain and the US are so very close in their coolness. Like, SO close. She even showed me how close they are with her fingers--Bahrain won, but only by a fingernail. 

For me, the best part this time was the Winter Wonderland in the middle of the mall. It was the perfect mix of a wintry, somewhat holiday-ish feel that is so nice when you are away from home, but it also had a few cultural twists like the snowman wearing the gutra on his head and holding the Bahraini flag, and the fact that the sleigh had two somewhat creepy-looking dolls in it rather than Santa. 

That's what a Bahrain weekend looks like. It's definitely a nice getaway when you need something a bit less restrictive than life in Saudi. Women can wear what they wish, and I love that you can try on clothes in stores. I could drive if I had any desire to do so, but I'm not much of a driver. 

Only problem is that each and every weekend, it's where most everyone in Saudi goes, as evidenced by the line crossing the border on the way home...

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sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing!