Saturday, December 21, 2013

Life and Such

Taking a moment to catch our breath as we finished our first trimester of school. It's a Saudi Christmas for us this year, and Sojo has been the one to add all the festive touches to our house with her drawings and homemade wreaths. 

Here she is tending to her basil plants and green bean seed that just started growing. We've found a little window space for them inside since the sand outside makes for gritty basil eating! I really just took this photo to get a shot of her fabulous fox sweater that she got last winter. This winter, it's even cooler because of the "What Does the Fox Say?" song that is everywhere. Plus, she looks so pretty and grownup here.

The tree is ready to go, as well as Sojo's photos from her preschool years that we love to hang at this time of year. We have only a few presents under the tree, but Sojo still ran in the other day and exclaimed, "There are so many presents under here!!!" Definitely an overseas girl to have no clue as to how many presents usually sit under trees! 

4 more wake ups until Christmas! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Wishing

Oh, this girl who loves winter so much. The same girl who has never actually been in a winter to know how truly cold they are, but to her, she loves the idea of winter. We are working hard to find a way to get some snow into her life in the year 2014, but for now, she has her own winter wonderland going on in her bedroom.

One evening, she got it in her head to get every single stuffed animal ready for winter. That meant pulling out all the hats and gloves and such to cover each one. I can see Perry the Platypus with his earmuffs on! Since we don't have much winter stuff, a few of the smaller animals simply got a sock pulled over their heads. And the huge Angry Bird got a fake Christmas song on paper tucked under him just so to give him the festive spirit as well.

To top it off, there was a bit of ukelele playing for all the winter friends! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Here Comes Santa Claus...

This is how Santa rolls in our neck of the woods. He arrived on a festooned camel, much to the delight of the kids in our community. Every year, he pops in for a family picture and a small gift. We had some explaining to do when Sojo received her gift, which was labeled Girl 7-9. Oops--we forgot to check the box for a boy gift instead. A big box of cool jewelry making items made Sojo doubt the magic of Santa for a minute--she could not understand why he didn't give her the same gift as all her guy friends who got Hot Wheel tracks and swords and such. With a bit of explaining about how busy he is right now, she understood, and we made a deal to always check the box that says boy in the future.

Here we are with the festooned camel and Santa!

And the simplicity of Sojo always makes me so in awe of her. This is her list to Santa. She did later add that she wants a Magic 8 ball, but I remember having a very long list each year. Fingers crossed that he brings her this Furby doll she has wanted forever. I also hear he has a major surprise for her that is something super fun for people living in the desert...

Friday, December 13, 2013


This girl has always been attracted to all things shiny, and adding a new medal to her collection was a great event. It was the baseball tournament the other night, with her baba as the coach, that brought her a medal AND a plaque. In true overseas ESL fashion, the plaque said "teaball" instead of "tee ball," but that makes it even cooler and funnier.

Favorite things about this photo:

Love how she is looking at her medal as she is walking away

Not such a fan of the "I can't take a minute of my time to take a photo for my mama." This is the forced smile look after a bunch of zombie-eyed goofball ones.

I am, however, a big fan of her excitement about medals. She has now separated them into two categories: ones she has earned and ones she was just given, or purchased at a random German flea market. She really did buy an old reproduction of an Olympic one there last year.