Saturday, November 16, 2013

True Love

Our favorite lover of all things inanimate is at it again. I seriously can't wait to recount all these fixations when she is older. This time, it's her big plastic egg, Eggie. She was determined to have Eggie come and watch her play soccer one night when I was on my way out for a run around camp. She convinced me to babysit Eggie instead (yes, really...) and we carried him in the 'fish pocket' (I made this sling for her when she was little, and she still calls it the fish pocket). She carried him to practice, and I humbled myself enough (true love, baby) to carry said Eggie in the sling while I walked around the track for exercise with a friend.

When I think about it, she kind of sounds like one of those kids I remember who ate paste at school. But somehow she manages to be really quirky and doesn't cross over to the eating paste side. She's confident and funky and it does seem like this stuff just makes her a bit cooler. Or, I'm kidding myself and she's a whackjob (our favorite family word of the moment). I vote for funky. 

Adding one photo of the green area next to our house as it looks out at the desert beyond. When I take out the garbage at night, the moon is often there, peeking between the palms. It is stunning. As the afternoon sun goes down, it also catches my eye. 


Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

I vote for funky, quirky, eclectic and absolutely fantastically beautiful

Anonymous said...

I seond Popo and Gong Gong's comment!