Thursday, November 07, 2013

Learning Curve

Living in an Islamic country is completely new to us, and our learning curve is immense. One of our main reasons for choosing to live in Saudi was to gain a sense of understanding of the Arab world by living in it. Thus far, the hospitality we have heard of for years is very, very true. From coffee to sweets to double kisses, Saudis are sweet and always offering something.

I love this section of our bookshelf. Although I'm a sucker for any portion of a bookshelf, I love this section that shows all we are learning here. It's downright fascinating.

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

Well, I will have to look at my top shelf for "real" books, but I do have a few on my Nook. "Islam- A Short History" by Karen Armstrong, which I am still trying to get through. If this is a sort history, I don't know what a long history would be. But, I am enjoying it. I also have "Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time", by her. haven't started that one yet. And "The Princess" by Jean Sasson, which is very interesting. Another great one is "The Faith Club" My forever favorite book is "Gift From The Sea" by Anne Morrow Lindbergh. I wish I was the voracious reader that you are.