Friday, November 29, 2013

Cool Boots

Definitely the best book I've read all week...

Oh, the 29,000 dollar boot story. 

I was looking for a fabulous pair of boots for myself for our Paris trip, and Sojo spotted a pair in the store as well. Since she literally never wants anything related to fashion, I somewhat impulsively bought her the very cool black boots. But they were so expensive and so 'these-will-only-last-a-season' that I was totally horrified, but then I's Paris! Come on! Once in a lifetime with her grandparents! How cool that her mom bought her boots for Paris!! I made her promise to wear them at least 10 times to justify the cost, and I also mentioned that it wasn't really necessary to say that they were so expensive.

Of course,  she went ahead and told everyone they were expensive AND wrote a book about it! 

I do swear they did not cost 29,000 dollars. And she did look so darn cute in them walking down the streets of Paris. 


Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

Oh Mama...You are such a push over for fashion. So, did she wear them 10 times? She was the total fasionista in Paris.Certainly more than Grama,aka Popo. We love, love, love her book. I think it should be published.

Anonymous said...

Great book, look forward to seeing the boots! Love Nie Nie

Kristy Wood said...

This is an awesome book! The beginning hooked me right away and I loved the detail about the exact price of the boots!
also, Ahnika ( our artist in residence) was observant with the illustrations " Sojo's composition is impressive... Her use of thirds for the building focuses the piece... And the details of people on several floors, she is a natural artist "
Miss you all!