Sunday, November 17, 2013


I turned 45 the other day. Technically, that is probably about the halfway point of my life. Wild.

Getting older fascinates me, and I often forget that I am indeed getting older. Many years ago, a dear friend--a woman who was as wise as I was not-- and I sat at our favorite cafe in Quito, Ecuador and made a list of all the things we loved about our bodies, from head to toe. This was her idea, and she was so darn refreshing and open and okay with herself. I had never met anyone like her before--or since. It was one of the most beautiful lists I've ever made, and her way of looking at herself is how I have tried to look at myself ever since.  I try really, really hard to live by those kinds of positive lists in my head instead of fixating on negative things (yes, I'm talking to you, hijacked metabolism!).

Focus on the beautiful, the little things like...

how my hair is so darn curly and flowy here, now that I have given up blowdrying it

how I love my ruddy, freckled skin even if it wrinkles faster than other types

how chambray and silver jewelry look so pretty against those freckles 

how I am so much stronger physically than I was 20 years ago

how the lines around my eyes are there all the time now, not just when I smile, and yet I still think that they look beautiful and wizened

Thank you, Sharon, for teaching me to honor myself and to focus on the beauty so many years ago. I carry that lesson with me every day. 


Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

beautifully said, my beautiful daughter. I think crow's feet (let's work on a better name) and those lines around our mouth are smile lines and that can't be bad. Keep smiling.

Cathleen Cherry said...

This is beautiful. How often do we dismiss our lovely parts because of the parts we're not quite satisfied with? I can remember when my girls were little and doing gymnastics, and I'd see all those little girls in their leotards lined up - already they were such different shapes. I think at that point I realized that we can maybe change the size of certain parts of our bodies, but not the shape.
I don't mind the term crow's feet, as crows are incredibly intelligent birds, and very often as crow's feet become visible, we can hope to gain some wisdom too. xoxo

Prita said...

Love, love, LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!