Friday, October 04, 2013

The Beauty of Oman

Our recent trip to Oman had me so awestruck that I am having trouble putting into words how much beauty this country holds. From the jagged mountains set in layers that made me want to stop the car and watercolor to the bluest of blue water set against the sand-colored rocks, there was beauty at every turn. And tradition at every turn. Oman's law is that all buildings must be built in the Arabic style in contrast to the steel skylines of many other Middle East cities. There was a palpable balance between tradition and liberalism, which was lovely to see.

We will be back, for sure. With all the outdoor adventures available, we only scratched the surface. Our hike to Wadi Shab with old friends was incredible, and the kids rocked what was a fairly difficult hike in scorching temps. Our reward was a water cave at the end where we had to swim/squeeze through a 'keyhole' to get to the cave.

Next time, we hope to go and see the sea turtles hatch and make their way into the ocean--an Oman speciality. That and about a bazillion more things. Our friends suggested flying to Oman, renting a car and picking up their camping gear next time to get out and do some beach camping. Yes, please!

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