Friday, September 06, 2013

Early Mornings

Sojo and I are the early birds in the family, and we are kind enough to give Dale as many sleep-ins as possible. However, his new resolution is to get up early and either swim or soak up the morning goodness. We've taken to driving all of a minute and a half (I guess we could just walk, but it's more comfy to sit in the car) to a place right near our house where it's perfect to watch the sun rise.

We bring Mary Oliver's poetry with us as she is undoubtedly our favorite poet that embraces nature and is so beautiful with her words. Her newest book of poetry is called Why I Wake Early, which seems appropriate. 

Watching the sunrise with a side of poetry makes me feel utterly present in the moment. Although the temps during the day are still quite high, the early mornings are already getting cooler. Since I head to see the sunrise in my pj's and bare feet, the ground is nice and cool on my blue toes.

Sojo comes with us, of course, but completely against her will. In her words, "it's soooo boring!" Perhaps if they had a sunrise app on the iPad, she'd be more interested. Part of me wants to force her to watch it with us, but that feels weird. 

One more for good measure. She picked out this headscarf the other day and loved how she looked in it. 


Popo and Gong Gong said...

Early Saturday morning here and cloudy with a chance of rain. Actually, it isn't all that early, but it is that time when things are still slow and easy, which is what makes the sunrise so beautiful, now isn't it.

Best part for me was seeing your sunrise and Sojo's sweet face. Your toes are cute too. Love you...

Anonymous said...

Nie Nie