Thursday, September 26, 2013


For so many years, Sojo was fine with having allergies and eating something different than everyone else ate didn't bother her a bit. No longer. We are in the developmental stage where friends are key and being different is no fun. Since Sojo's skin has been so fabulous in Saudi, we've been able to make some new food choices with little trouble. She is the one making the choices more and more, and she is willing to deal with some discomfort if it means having a piece of birthday cake.

This summer, at her cousin's birthday party, she begged me to try a Cheeto. Needless to say, it was nothing short of amazing for her, and she ate fistfuls of them with no reaction. 

Then, she told us that she really, really wanted to try real ice cream instead of the dairy free stuff. Love at first sight for that one. Last weekend, when we were in Oman, she had ice cream three nights in a row with no problem. There was some serious ice cream joy, and we discovered that vanilla is her favorite flavor. I was sure she'd be a chocolate girl. 

Here's to growing up and making choices. Sigh--I fear they will not all be healthy food choices once we open the allergy floodgates, but it does bring her such joy. 

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Popo and Nana and Gong Gong and Granda said...

Hello choices. May you always be the right ones and if you are not...may Mama always be able to give a big hug and make it all better.

Yeah, for choices. What about chocolate? How about a chocolate crepe? I know Mama and Popo will be having a few in Paris.