Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rockin' With Baba

Looking back, this was the summer that Sojo picked up Dale's guitar and spent the summer strumming away. It was adorable to see her chilling with her cousin playing the guitar, and even now in Saudi, she hangs out on her bed with friends and they play guitar together. I captured them on video one night jamming together.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


For so many years, Sojo was fine with having allergies and eating something different than everyone else ate didn't bother her a bit. No longer. We are in the developmental stage where friends are key and being different is no fun. Since Sojo's skin has been so fabulous in Saudi, we've been able to make some new food choices with little trouble. She is the one making the choices more and more, and she is willing to deal with some discomfort if it means having a piece of birthday cake.

This summer, at her cousin's birthday party, she begged me to try a Cheeto. Needless to say, it was nothing short of amazing for her, and she ate fistfuls of them with no reaction. 

Then, she told us that she really, really wanted to try real ice cream instead of the dairy free stuff. Love at first sight for that one. Last weekend, when we were in Oman, she had ice cream three nights in a row with no problem. There was some serious ice cream joy, and we discovered that vanilla is her favorite flavor. I was sure she'd be a chocolate girl. 

Here's to growing up and making choices. Sigh--I fear they will not all be healthy food choices once we open the allergy floodgates, but it does bring her such joy. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Morning Walks and Talks

You know you're living in Saudi Arabia when a 'lower' predicted temperature of 109 degrees is met with a smile. It's so hot this time of year, but at least we are lucky that it's a dry heat. I'll take that any day over the sticky humidity heat, yet somehow that was what we were met with this morning. Ugh.

Sojo and I were up super early this morning, so I suggest we go and drop off my library books and magazines before it got too hot. She decided to wear her roller blades, and she's not too slick on those babies, so it was a lot of work to get to the library. What she lacked in roller blade skill she made up for in super cute stripy leggings and overall cuteness.

All that effort added to the very humid morning had us both covered in sweat before we even made it halfway there. It was close to miserable, and it's only a ten minute walk. Thankfully, our camp has air-conditioned bus stops. Crazy, eh? We simply had to stop and cool off for a minute or two. Or five.

We finally made it and cooled off in the library reading some great new books they had on display. Both of us were loathing the trip home, so we packed up the roller blades and went home in socks instead. Much, much easier for everyone, and some popsicles cooled us off when we got home. 

I love mornings like this (minus the humidity). Walking, talking, all that authentic time together. It's always been my favorite time with her. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summertime Flashbacks

Not much photo taking of late here, so I perused the summer photos and found this one. It has so much in it that I love:

1. The kitchen counter that looks onto the rest of the house. Cooking is much more fun this way, plus the kids can hang out there.

2. Parents in the background relaxing. People often are surprised that we bought a house with rooms specifically for our parents to stay. Dale's mom moves in with us the minute we arrive since she is from there, and my parents came up for a while this summer, which we loved. We love a house full of family in the summers!

3. Red door wide open for beautiful weather

Kinda missing the lazy days of summer today as we are in full swing of work mode. I'm home with a sick kid today, so it kinda feels like a lazy summer day. Movies, magazines and resting with a side of popsicles. 

Friday, September 06, 2013

Early Mornings

Sojo and I are the early birds in the family, and we are kind enough to give Dale as many sleep-ins as possible. However, his new resolution is to get up early and either swim or soak up the morning goodness. We've taken to driving all of a minute and a half (I guess we could just walk, but it's more comfy to sit in the car) to a place right near our house where it's perfect to watch the sun rise.

We bring Mary Oliver's poetry with us as she is undoubtedly our favorite poet that embraces nature and is so beautiful with her words. Her newest book of poetry is called Why I Wake Early, which seems appropriate. 

Watching the sunrise with a side of poetry makes me feel utterly present in the moment. Although the temps during the day are still quite high, the early mornings are already getting cooler. Since I head to see the sunrise in my pj's and bare feet, the ground is nice and cool on my blue toes.

Sojo comes with us, of course, but completely against her will. In her words, "it's soooo boring!" Perhaps if they had a sunrise app on the iPad, she'd be more interested. Part of me wants to force her to watch it with us, but that feels weird. 

One more for good measure. She picked out this headscarf the other day and loved how she looked in it. 

Monday, September 02, 2013


Home is a few different places to us, but I love how Sojo was so excited to get back to Saudi. It makes me feel like this was a good decision to move here, and it makes me realize that we need to put our globetrotting ways on hold for a while. Being in one place at this age is super important to her sense of belonging. Her peeps are here, and she has been going nonstop since we arrived with playdates and general hanging out.

Our first morning back, she donned her new Ronaldo soccer outfit and kicked the ball around in the yard while Dale and I wallowed in jetlag. Love how she is becoming such a sporty girl.

Then, she called me over to ask me what this thing was in the grass...

Only the world's hugest scorpion! Thankfully, it was dead, but I will be more careful not to be barefoot when hanging my laundry outside.

And this little cutie is totally ready for first grade. She is so darn adorable with her pigtails.