Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Perfect Bed

One of the big things on our 'to do' list this summer as we moved back into our house was getting a new bed for Sojo. Two summers ago, she had completely grown out of her toddler bed, and we were looking for something fun and big enough for cousin sleepovers. Since our town is filled with antique stores and thrift shops, I was lucky to score this iron daybed for only 95 dollars! It's perfect and has a trundle that comes out as an extra bed. Sojo was super, super happy with it. 

I only added a few things to her room in an attempt to keep it simple and uncluttered. However, Sojo decided to add what she loves to call 'modifications.' Then it looked like this--perfect with her touches of books on the windowsill and her beach rock collection. 

We had talked about how this is the kind of bed she can have her whole childhood and even into being a teenager, and I think she loved thinking about that. One morning, after her bath, she asked me to come and take a photo of her on her bed when she had it set up like a couch. Love when she asks me to take her photo. She also has the best morning light of the entire house in her room. 

According to her, she slept better this summer as well. But that was because of her new hypnotizing glasses that actually say 'you are getting sleepy...' on the side. No joke that she slept like this one night. All night long. She slays me.